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шнуры интерфейсные и переходники Eicon-RAD, Eicon-CISCO и др

Кабель 300-022, 300-024, 300-25, 300-026, 300-075, 300-076, 300-077, 300-078, 300-039


Cables for Eiconcard C20, C21, C90, C91
V.24 DCE cable 300-007 Modem Cable for C2x, C9x with speeds upto19,2 Kb/s
V.24 Null-Modem cable 300-022 V.24 Crossed Cable. Allows 2 C Series cards to be used back to back
V.24 Null-Modem cable (gender-changed) 300-048 V.24 Crossed Cable with gender changer.Allows 2 C Series cards to be used back to back

Cables for Eiconcard C31
PC Card V.24 DCE cable 300-084 V24 Modem Cable for C31 for speeds upto 19,2 Kb/s
PC Card ISDN S/T cable 300-091 ISDN Cable for C31

Cables for Eiconcards with HSI ports
HSI V.24 DCE cable 300-026 V.24 Modem Cable for S50, S51 & S52
HSI V.35 DCE cable (France) 300-086 V.35 Modem Cable FR (pin 1.1 mm) for S50, S51 & S52
HSI X.21 DCE cable 300-025 X.21 Modem Cable for speeds above 19,2 Kb/s
HSI V.24/V.35 Null-Modem cable 300-031 Crossed Cable V.24 V.35
HSI X.21 Null-Modem cable 300-032 Crossed Cable X.21
HSI V.35 Null-Modem cable for AS/400 300-047 Cable for direct connection to AS/400
HSI Null-Modem conversion cable 300-033 Crossed Cable for back to back connections with S50, S51 & S52
ISDN S/T cable 300-090 ISDN Cable

Cables for Eiconcards with VHSI ports
VHSI V.24 DCE cable 300-077 V.24 Modem Cable for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI V.24 DTE cable 300-078 V.24 Terminal Cable for S90, S91 & S94)
VHSI V.35 DCE cable (France) 300-083 V.35 Modem Cable FR (pin 1.1 mm) for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI V.36/RS-449 DCE cable 300-079 V.36 Modem Cable for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI X.21 DCE cable 300-081 X.21 Modem Cable for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI EIA-530 DCE cable 300-080 EIA 530 Modem Cable for S90, S91 & S94
VHSI X.21 DCE cable to RAD 300-081-RAD X.21 Cable for S90, S91 & S94 to RAD Equipment
HSI X.21 DCE cable toRAD 300-025-RAD X.21 Cable for S5x to RAD Equipment

Eiconcards Accessoires
HSI/V.24 converter 300-046 HSI/V.24 convertor for S50, S51 & S52

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